HIV is preventable
Anonymous HIV testing

HIV prevention is practical and ethical using internet social networking. Similar technology that is so successful with Facebook is applicable with HIV - while preserving users' anonymity.

HIV, and other sexually-transmitted diseases, are preventable using anonymous testing. This site explains here how this can be done and how this will change the way sexually-transmitted diseases will be controlled in the future.

Worldwide HIV Estimate by Region

This development offers real hope of reducing the number of new infections of HIV - currently running at 2.7 million new cases each year worldwide. There are currently around 35 million infected people and over 25 million people have already died from HIV/AIDS.

Over the past 20 years, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have repeatedly asserted that a vaccine will arrive soon - this article is already 8 years old and that line of research has been abandoned. In fact, almost all the research-dollars are going towards the search for a cure. The lifetime treatment costs of a person with HIV in the USA is about $150,000 - much of this goes on pharmaceuticals.

Here is another, more realistic, article "AIDS conference closes on gloomy note" in the New Scientist from 8 years ago. As you can see, the pessimists/realists are always correct. Do not believe in any article that proposes a new magic cure. It will not happen.

The solution proposed here was patented and is offered entirely for free to any not-for-profit organization that is prepared to use it correctly. The application described herein has received the approval of the FDA.